Camino reaches 2.0

The Camino browser team has released version 2.0 of the Gecko powered web browser. Version 2.0 brings a number of new features to the table for the browser, including…

  • Tab Overview: Think of it as Exposé for your open tabs.
  • Tabbed browsing improvements: You can (finally) reorder tabs, and when the number of tabs exceeds the window width, view open tabs in a drop down menu. Additionally, left and right scrollbars appear to allow you to scroll through the tabs.
  • Download notifications through Growl (if it is installed).

There are a number of other smaller improvements and bug fixes to the browser as well.

I have a soft spot for Camino. Back in the early days of OS X, Camino (then called Chimera), was the best browser, hands down available for the platform. As a web developer, using Mac OS X in those days was a difficult task. The included web browser, Internet Explorer 5, was a big steaming pile of shit. It was slow, buggy, and its rendering engine was nowhere near as robust as the Gecko rendering engine. When the first builds of Chimera appeared, it was like seeing the Marines appear on the beach with reinforcements. By the time Chimera 0.2 was released, it was my default browser. I stuck with Chimera/Camino until Safari hit the scene in 2003.

But I’ve always appreciated what Camino offers Mac OS X users – a small, fast, lightweight browser built on top of a rock solid rendering engine.

Congrats to the Camino team for shipping version 2.0!

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