MobileMe to iCloud transition

Apple has posted a FAQ on the MobileMe to iCloud transition. While this details much of what we already know, there are a few bits of surprising information.

The section that perked my ears up:

What happens to the other sync services I use for my Mac?
Syncing of Mac Dashboard widgets, keychains, Dock items, and System Preferences will not be part of iCloud, but will continue to be available for you to use until you move to iCloud. After you move to iCloud or after June 30, 2012, whichever comes first, those sync services will no longer be available. Other MobileMe services that are not transitioning to iCloud (iWeb publishing, Gallery, and iDisk) will continue to be available through June 30, 2012, even after you move to iCloud.

.Mac/MobileMe sync was the main reason I paid for MobileMe, and .Mac before it. In my opinion, it was about the only part of MobileMe that Apple got right, and now it is killing it? Apple shouldn’t be killing this – it should be extending this Sync strategy to it’s other devices.

If you’ve used Sync, you already know it’s a life saver. If you own multiple Macs and buy new ones on a regular basis, MobileMe Sync allowed you to get that Mac setup to your liking in just a few minutes. MobileMe Sync allowed me to keep the settings for Coda & Transmit on all my Macs in sync. It allowed me to keep all of my Docks setup just the way I like. It made sure all my Macs had the same Widgets. It was one of Apple’s best services. It is definitely the service that kept me ponying up for .Mac/MobileMe all those years.

And now Apple is killing it.

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