OS X Factor began life as Mac OS X Centric (macosxcentric.com) in the spring of 2001. It’s original purpose was to catalog the news of the new operating system. In spring of 2002, we re-launched under the name OS X Factor. Our original mission remains – to bring you up to date news about Mac OS X.

At OS X Factor, we have a strong slant towards the independent developer. We believe the greatest strength Mac OS X has is its incredible development tools, Cocoa, in particular, and the incredible developer community behind it. We strive to give independent developers the recognition they so deserve. If you are an independent developer for Mac OS X, give us a shout – we love hearing from you!


About the author

A user of Macs since they had silly names like Performa and Centris, Theodore Lee is a techie who prides himself on his vast knowledge of all things Apple. OS X Factor was started in 2001 (originally as macosxcentric), and continues to churn out tips, tutorials, reviews and commentary on the tech sector.