And speaking of Sketch…

Sketch 3Sketch 3 has just been released with lots of new features. And for the first week of launch (ending tomorrow, I believe), it’s available for only $50.

Grab it while you can.

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Apple releases fixes for 13″ Macbook Pro, Mail

Apple has pushed two significant updates today that address a serious hardware issue plaguing new 13″ Retina Macbook Pro models, and the Mail app in Mavericks and how it works with Gmail.

The late 2013 13″ Macbook Pro update is an EFI Update (v 1.3) ┬áthat addresses the situation where the keyboard and trackpad may become unresponsive.

The update addresses the strange Gmail behavior exhibited in Mavericks when using a Gmail account.

Both updates are available using the links above, or by using the Mac App Store.

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Panic’s iOS Terminal Client ‘Prompt’ debuts

Panic’s new terminal client, ‘Prompt‘ debuted this morning in the app store. The unversal iOS app supports autocomplete, key file support, multiple connections, bonjour discovery of servers, and customizable keys. As with anything Panic does, it’s a must have (and only $4.99).

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