iTunes “Upgrade my Library” to iTunes Plus

I went looking in iTunes today for the link to upgrade my library from old, DRM encrusted files to new, freshly squeezed DRM free iTunes Plus files. After about 15 minutes of searching in the store to no avail, I finally found a link to “Upgrade my Library” outside the store, courtesy of an FAQ on Apple’s Support site.

So, if you are still carrying around some of these neutered music files and would like to remove the DRM (for about $.30 each), click on over.

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NBC’s “Chuck” and “Journeyman” on iTunes

Although Apple has publicly stated that they will not be offering new NBC content on iTunes in 2007, two new shows have popped up for sale. Both “Chuck” and “Journeyman” are available now on iTunes. “Chuck” is available as an individual episode and a Season Pass, while “Journeyman” is available only as a single episode.

New episodes of “Heroes”, which premiered on Monday 9/24, do not seem to be available on iTunes, as Apple had stated previously.

Why Apple caved on allowing two new NBC shows on iTunes, when last years big seller “Heroes” isn’t available, is anyone’s guess.

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