A Dozen Devices the iPhone is Killing

Spot on assessment from Ted Landau:

The very first slogan used to advertise the original iPod, back in 2001, was β€œ1,000 songs in your pocket.” A coming slogan for the iPhone could well be β€œthe only thing in your pocket.”

I’ve been thinking recently about all the stuff I used to carry around that the iPhone has made obsolete for me. Watch. GPS. iPod. Portable gaming device. Consumer grade digital camera. Phone. Put simply, the iPhone is the ultimate swiss army knife.

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Setting Up And Running KDE on Mac OS X

AppleTalk, an Austrailian Mac site, has a great article on how to get KDE, the K Desktop Environment for Linux, running on Mac OS X under the X11 Window Interace. This tutorial, while informative, does require use of the Terminal and Fink. Even for Terminal newbies, this is a great way to get exposure to KDE without having to install Linux.

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Jobs: Microsoft & Dell copy us but won’t beat the iPod

Silicon.com has a great story on the recent Steve Jobs interview from the recent Apple Expo. One of the most interesting quotes from Jobs is this:

“We put iTunes on Windows and kind of helped them out there. Microsoft has to earn a living too – we’ll leave some software for them to write.”

At the end of the interview, Jobs is asked what he thinks of the hackers who have managed to get the OS X Developer Release running on non Apple hardware.

“You’re asking me whether I think theft is a good idea… You’re asking me if people steal your software, is it OK?” he said. “We might choose to give it away, we might choose not to give it away – it’s our choice as the owner.” “You don’t want to burn in hell, right?,” he added jokingly of hackers.

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