A Dozen Devices the iPhone is Killing

Spot on assessment from Ted Landau: The very first slogan used to advertise the original iPod, back in 2001, was β€œ1,000 songs in your pocket.” A coming slogan for the iPhone could well be β€œthe only thing in your pocket.” I’ve been thinking recently about all the stuff I used to carry around that the … Read more…

Jobs: Microsoft & Dell copy us but won’t beat the iPod

Silicon.com has a great story on the recent Steve Jobs interview from the recent Apple Expo. One of the most interesting quotes from Jobs is this:

“We put iTunes on Windows and kind of helped them out there. Microsoft has to earn a living too – we’ll leave some software for them to write.”

At the end of the interview, Jobs is asked what he thinks of the hackers who have managed to get the OS X Developer Release running on non Apple hardware.

“You’re asking me whether I think theft is a good idea… You’re asking me if people steal your software, is it OK?” he said. “We might choose to give it away, we might choose not to give it away – it’s our choice as the owner.” “You don’t want to burn in hell, right?,” he added jokingly of hackers.