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Macphun Noiseless Pro Review

If you’ve tried your hand at digital photography, you know that cameras have made huge strides in improving their light sensitivity over the last 10 years. ISO settings, the measurement by which your camera can see in low light, have improved to the point where some cameras can practically see in the dark. However, every camera is subject to the same phenomenon when utilizing increased ISO – digital noise.

Adobe Creative Cloud thoughts, one year in…

Adobe Creative CloudWhen Adobe announced their move from packaged releases to a pure subscription model last year, I wasn’t a fan. I’ve been an Adobe customer for nearly 20 years, and this move didn’t look like a good deal for anyone who wasn’t an Adobe employee or stockholder. But, at $29.99/month for the first year, I figured I’d give it a shot and re-evaluate after 12 months. Well, my 12 months are just about up, and here’s where I’m at.

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Updated: Review: AppleTV

The AppleTV has been out for over a year now, but with the Febrauary “Take Two” update, it is enjoying a renaissance of sorts. While the original AppleTV looked appealing to me, I passed on it. The original 40GB size was just too small (since rectified with a 160GB version), and apart from a few iTunes TV shows, content was hard to come by. That problem seems to resolved with the new movie rentals options. What follows is a look at the hardware, software, and real world usage of AppleTV.

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Macintouch – Microsoft Office 2008 Review

Macintouch has a great in-depth review of Microsoft Office 2008 by Robert Mohns. Previously, I used Microsoft Office v.X and 2004 on a regular basis. However, since iWork ’08, I’ve not used Office at all.

I hate to take this position, but with top notch virtualization options now on the Mac, and a quality, low cost native solution (iWork), I’m afraid there’s just little need for Office 2008. From what I’ve seen, the Mac Business Unit did an exceptional job with Office 2008. But that doesn’t change the fact that the landscape has changed since 2004.

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iPhone Review

As if the world needed another iPhone review, I finally feel like I’ve had enough time with mine to offer up my opinion. For the record, I acquired my iPhone last Friday night in Stamford, Connecticut at 11:30. Walked right in to the Apple Store, told them what I wanted, and walked out with it three minutes later. No line, no crowds, no fuss.

I activated it the next morning. Being away from home, I had my wife’s iBook with me. This wasn’t such a big deal, except that it was running OS X 10.4.9 and iTunes 7.2. So, before I could activate the phone, I had to upgrade both. Enter Starbucks and the T-Mobile hotspot WiFi. $9.95 and 25 minutes later, I was upgraded and ready to activate the phone.

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10 Applications that rock (and most are under $25)

A couple of other Mac blogs have recently posted their thoughts on the top 10 Macintosh applications. I decided to take my spin on the topic and focus on the applications for $25 and under. All of these applications are used by me on a daily basis. Their existence is a tribute to the quality of software available on the Mac, and the ingenuity of the developers who produce these wares. All receive my highest recommendation.