Apple releases fixes for 13″ Macbook Pro, Mail

Apple has pushed two significant updates today that address a serious hardware issue plaguing new 13″ Retina Macbook Pro models, and the Mail app in Mavericks and how it works with Gmail.

The late 2013 13″ Macbook Pro update is an EFI Update (v 1.3)  that addresses the situation where the keyboard and trackpad may become unresponsive.

The update addresses the strange Gmail behavior exhibited in Mavericks when using a Gmail account.

Both updates are available using the links above, or by using the Mac App Store.

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Lion Disk Maker

ldm Lion Disk Maker

Getting your OS updates from the Mac App Store can be a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because once the file is downloaded, installing from your local drive is much quicker than the old method of CD/DVD installation. It can be a curse because downloading a 4GB disk image is not a quick task for most people. And if you have multiple Macs that need to be updated, it will require you to download that 4GB disk image multiple times. 

There have been ways to take the OS Install disk image and create a bootable USB thumb drive from it since the Mac App Stores inception. It’s not an overly tedious process, but it’s not what I’d call drop dead easy.

Lion Disk Maker changes all of that. Download the app, open it up, and locate your copy of your OS X install, and Lion Disk Maker does the rest. 

With OS X Mavericks coming soon, you may want to check this app out and get your USB thumb drive ready.

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Seamless lets you transition from playing music on your Mac to playing music on your iPhone or iPod touch –– in a single tap.


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Panic’s iOS Terminal Client ‘Prompt’ debuts

Panic’s new terminal client, ‘Prompt‘ debuted this morning in the app store. The unversal iOS app supports autocomplete, key file support, multiple connections, bonjour discovery of servers, and customizable keys. As with anything Panic does, it’s a must have (and only $4.99).

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MarsEdit 3.0

Big update to the blog editor that brings an all new text editor, new upload options, support for custom fields and pages in WordPress and more. Get it now for $39.95, or update from a previous release for $14.95.

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Transmit 4 Released

I’ll have a write up later today on the app. I’ve been beta testing Transmit 4 for a couple of months now, and can tell you it is the best FTP client – on any platform – hands down.

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Clickable Bliss’ Billable morphs in to ProfitTrain

Clickable Bliss have offered a public beta of their new app, ProfitTrain, to users.

ProfitTrain is the successor to Billable, a invoicing/accounting application.

A screencast is available that shows the app in action. Additionally, you can download the betas and help out with testing.

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DashNote: A SimpleNote Dashboard Widget

Use SimpleNote on your iPhone? Want a free, easy way to review and update notes on your Mac? Resen answers the call with DashNote, a free Dashboard widget that connects to your SimpleNote account, and allows you to edit and create new notes.

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SecondBar and BetterTouchTool

Annoyed that the menubar doesn’t extend to your second monitor? Peeved that your new Magic Mouse doesn’t support a middle click like the old Mighty Mouse?

These two utilities might help.

First off, SecondBar does exactly that – add a second bar to your extended monitor.

BetterTouchTool allows you to set gestures when using the Magic Mouse. Using gestures, you can re-enable a middle click.

Both apps are somewhat experimental, and offered free of charge here.

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YATC: Kiwi

Yet another Twitter client (YATC) has bubbled up for Mac users. Called “Kiwi“, this Twitter client has an emphasis on simplicity and theme customization.

I’ve been using Kiwi most of the day, and I am quite impressed with it. How impressed? It’s replaced Tweetie in my dock for the time being.

Developed by YourHead Software, Kiwi is $14.95 and comes highly recommended from OS X Factor.

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