Google TV

The best thing I can say about the Google TV platform is that it may finally motivate Apple to move AppleTV from being a hobby to a device worth updating more than once every three years.

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iPad apps: Get ready for the second wave

Andy Ihnatko:

The brilliance of the iPad is the understanding that many notebook features aren’t relevant in a slate computer. I’m likely to use external hard drives and printers with a notebook. Not so with a slate. So why bother cutting three USB ports into it, and adding all kinds of troublesome third-party device drivers to the OS? And why bother adding all kinds of features to an app that will only be used 1% of the time, and which ruin the clean lines of the interface every time the app is launched?

36 hours in to my iPad experience, and I agree completely.

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Undercover Foxconn Investigation

One day in the near future, the people who buiild these gadgets at near slave wages will revolt. Hopefully before that happens, some enterprising and responsible companies will move their manufacturing back to America.

An excellent read.

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Search Warrant for stolen iPhone unsealed

You can read it here in all it’s glory.


  • Hogan (the “finder” of the protoype) was turned in by his roommate.
  • Hogan’s roommate tried to talk him out of selling the iPhone to Gizmodo, by arguing that it’s sale would ruin the career of Gray Powell (the engineer that lost it). Hogan’s response was “Sucks for him”.
  • Hogan states that he was originally offered $10,000 for the phone from Jason Chen.
  • Part of the sale to Gizmodo called for Hogan to be given a bonus in July if the prototype turned out to the real deal.

One of the more particularly juicy parts of this document is the email exchange between Brian Lam and Steve Jobs. Lam tries to justify to Steve why they are going to publish the story about the phone, knowing that it will hurt sales for Apple. Lam tries to negotiate a response from Apple where they would acknowledge it was a prototype, but not a production unit. You can almost smell the shit coming out of Lams mouth in this email.

Reading this affidavit, you can’t help but come away with very bad impressions of Lam, Chen, and Hogan. Three really douchey people.

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Adobe, You Brought An Advertisement To A Gun Fight

Money Quote:

When you’re leaving notes all over the web trying to convince people how open your technology is, maybe leave out the Registered® Trademark® logos next time.

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Wi-Fi Sync: Another App Store Casualty

Well, you knew Apple would never let an application that handled syncing in to the App Store, didn’t you?

So, instead of letting his hard work go to waste, the developer has decided to offer his application up for $9.99 through the Cydia Store, which is available to jailbroken iPhones.

Although I’m not surprised in the least by Apple’s decision, I still find it annoying. WiFi syncing is something that is sorely missed on the iPhone OS platform. Users want it. Other platforms have it. An entrepreneurial developer has provided it. And Apple won’t let you have it.

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How to use Custom Fields in MarsEdit 3

Detailed look at how to use this killer new feature in MarsEdit 3.

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MarsEdit 3.0

Big update to the blog editor that brings an all new text editor, new upload options, support for custom fields and pages in WordPress and more. Get it now for $39.95, or update from a previous release for $14.95.

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Internet Explorer Falls Below 60% Market Share

More good news for those who appreciate browsers that push the envelope and advance the use of HTML5/CSS3.

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Steve Jobs: Thoughts on Flash

Steve Jobs has penned another detailed missive, this time on Flash and how/why Apple doesn’t support it on it’s mobile devices. It’s a 1600 word opus that breaks down the argument in to 6 reasons – openness, full web, reliability (and security/performance), battery life, touch, and platform issues.

I can’t argue with most of the points, however this one is not entirely accurate:

Adobe’s Flash products are 100% proprietary. They are only available from Adobe, and Adobe has sole authority as to their future enhancement, pricing, etc. While Adobe’s Flash products are widely available, this does not mean they are open, since they are controlled entirely by Adobe and available only from Adobe. By almost any definition, Flash is a closed system.

The Flash plugin is proprietary, but anyone can build an application that exports to the Flash format. Applications like Swish and others offer Flash creation tools that export to the Flash format. It’s a minor point to quibble with, as the Flash plugin is proprietary.

It will be interesting to see how Adobe responds to this. Adobe, from the CEO on down, has been dissing Apple’s mobile offerings lately in hopes of preserving it’s Flash kingdom. Having Steve Jobs and his 1600 word megaphone broadcast a detailed defense of why Apple avoids Flash can’t go unanswered. Can it?

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