AppleTV updated to version 2.01

Apple issued an update to the AppleTV software this weekend, bringing it to version 2.01. The new version features a “Genres” option for searching through movies in your library. The update is free to AppleTV users through the AppleTV software update. At the time of this writing, there were no release notes associated with this update.

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Apple posts updated iPhone SDK

Apple has posted an updated version of their iPhone SDK for developers. Version 9A2151 includes iPhone support in Interface Builder. The 1.36GB download is available for registered developers at the Apple Developer Connection website.

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Updated: Review: AppleTV

The AppleTV has been out for over a year now, but with the Febrauary “Take Two” update, it is enjoying a renaissance of sorts. While the original AppleTV looked appealing to me, I passed on it. The original 40GB size was just too small (since rectified with a 160GB version), and apart from a few iTunes TV shows, content was hard to come by. That problem seems to resolved with the new movie rentals options. What follows is a look at the hardware, software, and real world usage of AppleTV.

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