New Macbook & Macbook Pro models arrive

Apple has unleashed a new generation of Macbook and Macbook Pro notebook computers. While looking nearly identical to the previous generation, the newer models feature faster processors, larger hard drives, and (on the Macbook Pro) multi-touch track pads.

The biggest improvements seem to be in the Macbook Pro line, with new Pernyn processors, double the previous generations video ram, and the addition of multi-touch track pads.

One thing that surprised me was that Apple kept the “black tax” on the Macbook model. I had figured Apple would have reduced the black tax, or dropped it altogether in an effort to spur sales. I guess sales aren’t hurting that much, since Apple seems content with holding the status quo on the black tax.

Additionally, the new models retain the previous form factor. It’s been five years since Apple updated the Macbook Pro form factor. Of course, many view the current form factor as a thing of beauty, and why mess with beauty when it is clearly still selling well, right?

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