Adobe Creative Cloud thoughts, one year in…

Adobe Creative CloudWhen Adobe announced their move from packaged releases to a pure subscription model last year, I wasn’t a fan. I’ve been an Adobe customer for nearly 20 years, and this move didn’t look like a good deal for anyone who wasn’t an Adobe employee or stockholder. But, at $29.99/month for the first year, I figured I’d give it a shot and re-evaluate after 12 months. Well, my 12 months are just about up, and here’s where I’m at. (more…)

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Pixelmator 1.2 “Draftsman”

Pixelmator continues it’s steady pace of adding features and fixing bugs with the new 1.2 “Draftsman” release. New for this version is a stellar implementation of guides and grids, along with some superb curves and auto adjustment features. If you’re looking for an image editor, the $59 you spend on Pixelmator may just be your best investment option.

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